if somebody loved you, they'd tell you by now..

and when you're gone, will they say your name? will they love you the same?

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amy | hiko
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - Hogsmeade Scotland - Highland UK (2002 - 2009)
Austintown Fitch High School - Austintown OH (2005 - 2009)
Youngstown State University - Youngstown OH (2009 present)
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my name is amy, but i go by hiko ;; and for the few who know it, chuckles.

22yrs old ; female ; ohio, usa.
crew member { gold } @ arby's ; senior @ youngstown state university
{ majoring in english w/ a minor in creative writing }

» my siblings: craig [brother], kera [sister-in-law], jenny [sister], meg [sister-in-law]
» my children: suki [cat; 9], dimitri [cat; 4], mustang [dog; 3], niko [dog, 1]
» my guardian angels: sox [9/15/04], king [4/20/06], dakoda [2/25/11], precious [3/14/12]

on this journal, you're likely to find:
unnecessary squeeing and uncontrollable (sometimes illogical) ranting, but never wangsting. an almost perverse obsession with books, movies, television, roleplay, and fanfiction. a love of everything and anything fantasy, esp. vampires, victorian times, and werewolves. swearing to a level which is unheard of unacceptable in most polite societies. intense and loyal devotion to family, friends and those i consider my precious people. random photos of myself, friends, pets, and other things i deem interesting. occasional information of which many consider to be too much information.
my journal is FRIENDS ONLY.

for summer dmhgficexchange oh six.
wrote: "where the sidewalk ends" for irisri.

for valentine’s day dmhgficexchange oh seven.
wrote: "unqualified" for arbitraryink.

participated in the following dmhgficexchange exchanges:

divine the future with draco&hermione (fall oh seven)
wrote: "lightning strikes (not once, but twice)" for toxic__ly.

ring in the new year with draco&hermione (new years oh nine-oh ten).
pinch-hit: "solipsism" for somandalicious.

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for twelve days of halloween dramionedrabble oh seven.

for the underneath the underneath kakasaku challenge oh ten.

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gaara x sakura is love

kakashi x sakura is love

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